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Sofa with pillows

Revamping Your Home from the Inside Out

Quick Home Upgrade Jobs for the Weekend


There are a bunch of things that people can do to spruce up their home interior, all while retaining an aesthetically pleasing look, and a ton of ways to complete these enhancements. From grand home enhancement projects that take months and a group of builders to complete to small jobs you can do yourself in your spare time, we’re here to help you revamp your house from the inside out, one thing at a time. Straight from Portland’s experts on house upgrades and interior decoration, we give you this practical guide on quick DIY projects you can complete on the weekend!

Sofa with pillows
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Here in this blog article, we look at some ideas for home improvement projects you can do yourself and instantly get your house nicely organized and neat. Whether it’s a total rearrangement of your wardrobes and cabinets, or establishing a more methodical organizational system in your home office workspace or your kitchen or living room with a flower vase, there’s always a lot of ways to restructure and totally optimize the storage places in your home. No matter the room or type of house you have to create more space to store your stuff in, here is your one-stop guide to several easy-to-do jobs you can complete in a single weekend.

If you would like a formal course or want to get licensed as a specialist on all things about house improvement and DIY remodeling projects, we recommend looking into professional bodies and schools in house redecoration and interior decoration, including the Home Improvement Experts (www.hiexperts.com), the Penn Foster Career School (www.pennfoster.edu), the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (www.instituteforapprenticeships.org), the Best Improvement (www.bestimprovementqc.com) and other similar companies offering tracks concentrating on home improvement and interior design.


Do It Yourself Storage Projects for the Weekend

There are multiple options and models for storage cabinets and organizers in your house. And lucky for you, there are whole lots of things you can do by yourself and won’t even cost you very much, if at all. Ultimately, these DIY jobs will keep your stuff thoroughly organized in a precise and organized manner for any area and any space in your house.

Whether it’s the office, shower room, living room with flowers, bedroom, kitchen, or garage, there’s always a way to make the best use of your space and organize your things in a functional and smart way that still keeps an aesthetically pleasing layout.

Do It Yourself Storage Projects for the Weekend
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Systematic Desk Organization

Revamp your office desk with various sized organizers for your supplies and documents. Use as many file trays and cases as you may need, with labels of course, and adequately sized boxes to stash receipts, postage stamps, envelopes, note cards. You could repurpose mason jars or racks for your office supplies, e.g. staplers and staple wire, pens and pencils, scissors, glue, etc

Keep your files in one compartment or shelf for your household’s most important documentations, filed in separate folders with correct labels. Make sure to sort them into utility bills (phone plan, water, electricity, and Wi-Fi subscriptions), financial reports, receipts for large purchases (appliances, car, large furniture, general home upgrade purchases), medical and dental records, tax file returns, insurance protection plans and retirement plans, and of course, employment and enrollment information.

Systematic Desk Organization
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Closet Storage

Revamp your wardrobe dresser with multi-layered racks with separate, adjustable shelving and compartments together with rod systems to suit all of your clothes. You could individualize your storage space with old boxes and baskets you can repurpose and redecorate to function as compartments for your socks, delicates, flower vase and bed linen.


Handy Bath Supplies

Use the empty space above your toilet and set up a compact cabinet for in-bath storage for lotions, linen, shaving cream, fragrance bottles, and all the hair or body products you use in your daily regimen. You might also want to think of installing a medicine cabinet to keep your bottles of pills and other things that might not necessarily fit your bathroom’s aesthetic.


Enhance Your Furniture

When you’re running low on storage area but don’t exactly have space to place in more organizers, take a good look at your existing furnishings. Then, see where you can put in a few roll-out organizers and storage baskets or bins to make space where people wouldn’t think to look.

You might want to use the lower portion of your dining chairs, sofas, benches. You could also reorganize your kitchen cupboards and cabinets to stock more stuff inside or keep them in storage cabinets under your coffee table or nightstand.


Make the Most of Your Garage

It’s always a great idea that when you have no more room to hold your things, nor any free space in existing furniture to make storage space, just put them in your garage. Naturally, make sure that you keep your stuff organized in a well-kept manner and won’t give you a tough time when you’re trying to find something in your garage.

Like any room in your home, make good use of your wall space, especially to hang hardware and handyman tools, and maximize your shelving options, especially if you want to park your car in your garage effortlessly.


Kid-Proof and Kid-Friendly

Contrary to popular opinion – if you have kids, you don’t stop customizing your furniture after they’ve surpassed their terrible two’s and three’s. It’s a constant process until they’re able to organize their stuff by themselves (in their rooms, of course). Your children will be more likely to organize their toys and things if they can actually get to the shelves, and it would help if they’re able to identify the drawers according to their needs and interests.

Given that, it’s highly recommended that you alter your little ones’ closet shelves and hang rods to kid-friendly levels, and label their drawers and cabinets as proper to their age (e.g. pictures for toddlers and labels for kids who can read).


Restructure Your Cabinets

You may believe you already have your racks and shelves ironed out, but we can just about guarantee you – you don’t. Whichever the room, you can always arrange your cabinets in a neater, more sorted manner with stackable and roll-out drawers and repurpose jars and containers for different-sized items in your cabinet.

One terrific way to do this bit by bit is to first clear the space, divide and conquer. Sort your things by sort or by function and use drawers or containers for every category, and stuff them with racks and bins if you have to split them further by size and maximize your space.


Utilize Your Walls

Whatever the room, it’s always an excellent idea to make the best use of your wall space, and a smart way to do this is to build shelf walls, cabinets, adding flowers, and hanging containers to expand your storage space without crowding your home.

To completely maximize your space, you can put up shelves above the doorways, windows, and tall furniture (e.g. fridge, bed headboard), flank your doorways with bookshelves, and put storage ottomans below windows to level it out. Place decorative but functional things on the higher racks and equip the shelves with drawers and baskets to stash necessary items for every room.


Make the most of Your Vanity

Do NOT belittle how cluttered and chaotic your little jewelry and accessories can make your dresser. Get adequately sized containers and bins for tiny objects and hooks on your vanity or mirror to keep your necklaces and long accessories untangled.